Kamis, 17 April 2014

BNI Open Services "Treasury Regional Areas" in Manado

PT Bank Negara Indonesia ( Persero ) Tbk open the Treasury
Regional Area ( TRA ) in Manado, North Sulawesi . The service will allow customers to trade foreign exchange , both physical and non - physical , and solutions hedging ( hedging ) .

The TRA services to serve customers in North Sulawesi , Central Sulawesi , and Maluku . Previously the company has opened the service in nine major cities , namely Medan , Pekanbaru , Palembang , Bandung , Semarang , Surabaya , Mak assar , Balikpapan , and Denpasar .

" TRA Manado is opened in order to improve banking services for treasury solutions to its customers , either entrepreneurs of large, medium , and small .

Expected to improve business customers in foreign exchange transactions and hedging ( hedging ) , " said Director of Treasury & FI BNI Suwoko Singoastro the official statement on Thursday ( 17/04/2014 ) .

He said , with the support of professional dealers and reliable infrastructure , services to treasury solutions , can be done quickly , easily and at competitive prices .
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BNI also has implemented an electronic application called BNI dealing Forex Smart to serve customers who will conduct foreign exchange transactions in the branch office BNI .


Selasa, 15 April 2014

Mobile CoPilot Malaysia Airlines MH370 Aircraft Currently Active Medium Fly

Cell phone belonging to Malaysia Airlines MH370 active copilot and was connected to a telecommunications tower in Malaysia about the time the plane disappeared from radar , said a U.S. official told CNN on Monday ( 04/14/2014 ) .

However , the U.S. official , citing information shared Malaysian investigators , said there was no evidence that the co-pilot , which Fariq Abdul Hamid , has sought to make a phone call .

The official told CNN that a cell phone tower in Penang , Malaysia - about 402 kilometers from the location of the plane was the last time the transponder sends a signal , detects the copilot 's cell phone look up service is approximately 30 minutes after the plane was believed to be a sharp turn to the west .

The latest details of the alleged reaffirmed by satellite radar data and that the aircraft was flying low enough so it gets a signal from the tower telekomuikasi , the U.S. official said . The following information is reported on the weekend in a Malaysian newspaper that the plane 's co-pilot was trying to make phone calls while the plane is flying.

When a local newspaper report that asked the Minister of Transport Malaysia , Hishammuddin Hussein , on Sunday , he replied , " As far as I know , ( it) does not exist , but as I have said , it is within the realm of police and international authorities other and when the time comes , it will be revealed . however , I do not want to speculate about it at this point . "

U.S. officials who know the investigation said they had been told that there are no other phones tracked by telecommunications tower in Penang .

The pilot should have shut off their cell phones before entering the plane . " In my opinion , it is very rare that someone with active phones in the cockpit , " said security analyst David Soucie told CNN . " That is absolutely not allowed . Was a part of any examination in any airline that I know . "

When the plane was first reported missing , authorities said , millions of cell phone records examined for evidence of a phone call was made ​​after the plane took off . However , the investigation did not provide any results .
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Malaysia Airlines MH370 aircraft was lost on a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing on March 8 with 239 people on board .


Studies roof conservation Fort Marlborough in Bengkulu required

Heritage Preservation Hall Edinburgh a team to conduct a technical study and conservation studies heritage objects located in Fort Marlborough Bengkulu , Bengkulu Province .

" This study is to determine the condition of the fort structure , especially the roof , " said Chairman of the Technical Study and Conservation Studies Yanto Manurutng Fort Marlborough on Tuesday .

He said the study involved experts Kriswandhono colonial buildings and assisted officers Testing Center of the Department of Public Works Building Bengkulu province .
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The study was conducted by taking samples of the building materials from the front of the castle roof .

Sampling by drilling using equipment from the Public Works Department to avoid a larger intervention when done manually .

" From the material to be sampled will be known character and building components so that the conservation efforts are not using material that would damage , " he said .

Experts say Kriswandhono colonial buildings in general conditions of British colonial fort was still good .

However some parts he said , need to get rehab immediately , especially at some point on the roof of the castle .

" From a technical study and conservation of these studies will be known issues and workarounds , " he said .

He said the character of the building of British colonial fort and the Dutch and other European countries are generally the same , because the same function stronghold .

Fort Marlborough built by the British in 1713 and based on data BPCB Jambi been rehabilitated portion of the roof in 1984 .

" There is the addition of a layer of cement to the top of the castle using a depth between 1 to 1.5 centimeters , " said Chairman of the Working Group Maintenance BPCB Jambi , Sri Mulyati .

He said the samples taken by the team will be studied in the laboratory at Borobudur Conservation Agency , Central Java .

Physically, she said , there are a few cracks on the roof of the castle and began overgrown with fungus .

" We also deplore the action committee of the National Press Day which was held in February 2014 that plastering the roof cracked , " he said .

Any treatment of the historic building because he said need to study the conditions and the structure of the building is not the same as the present building . ( * )


Senin, 14 April 2014

BKPM Ready to Assist Mobile Foxconn Build Plant in Indonesia

Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM) expressed readiness to facilitate Taiwanese component manufacturer, Foxconn to invest in Indonesia. The plan the company will build a mobile phone factory in Jakarta.

Head of BKPM, Mahendra Siregar said he had been given permission to Foxconn as the principle of immersing step investment in the country.
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"I love, because I've met several times., But I hear they are exploring and site partners (investment)," he said in APKASI Trade and Investment Summit in JIExpo Kemayoran, Jakarta, Monday (14/04/2014).

Furthermore Mahendra admitted, after the principle licenses out, the next step is to discuss the affairs Foxconn investment from the business side.

"So who should discuss their stay at the level of business to business because it's looking for a partner and the location of the decision at the corporate level," said Mahendra.

However, Mahendra gave full support related investments worth billions of dollars. "I am ready to facilitate this if for investment here," he said.
Foxconn plans to build a factory in Indonesia with an investment of around U.S. $ 1 billion. Foxconn has chosen Jakarta province to build a factory. The Jakarta administration will provide approximately 200 acres of land for the construction of a Foxconn plant.


Minggu, 13 April 2014

Stay in Luxury Castle Less than USD 2 Million

In some countries in the world especially in Europe , luxury castles beratusan years old already can diinapi by tourists . These castles is managed as a hotel .

However, staying in the castle is fairly expensive . No need to wonder because it has become a luxury inn . However it turns out , there are several castles which offer rate stays the equivalent four-star hotel . Include the following as quoted by Fodor's Travel .

Dalhousie Castle Hotel and Spa . The castle is located in Edinburgh , Scotland , UK . The castle was built in 1450 and has a panoramic view towards the River Esk . The red-brick castle has a restaurant located in a former detention room .

While each room is designed with a variety of themes . But overall nuanced Scotland . The entire castle can also be rented and has its own chapel . It is therefore suitable for weddings . Rates stay double rooms start from 120 pounds, or about USD 1.9 million per night , inclusive of breakfast Scottish style .

Castel Pergine . The castle is located in Trentino , Italy and is built on a hill . Panorama offered dramatic displays Sugana valley and Lake Caldonazzo . Castle built in the 13th century is still in its original form .

Each room is designed simple but comfortable . There are many choices of rooms , such as rooms in the tower . For the cheapest price is the room with a separate bathroom . Rates stay for a double room with bathroom starting from 165 U.S. dollars or about Rp 1.8 million per night , inclusive of breakfast .

http://www.schlosshotels.co.at rooms at Schloss Kapfenstein Hotel & Restaurant , Austria .
Kapfenstein Schloss Hotel & Restaurant . This castle was built in the 11th century and are in Kapfenstein , Austria , and is built on a mountain with sights toward the vineyard . The castle is owned by a family who also manages the castle as an inn and restaurant .
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Each room is designed according to local traditional style . The family owners of the castle also has its own vineyards . Guests can enjoy homemade wine while sitting on the outdoor patio while enjoying the panoramic view . Double room per night rates start from 100 euros , or about USD 1.5 million , inclusive of breakfast .


Jumat, 11 April 2014

China RS Recruit `Angels` Life Guards The Doctor

It's hard to be a doctor in China . Bother to study hard and undergo training to achieve the profession , they often become targets of anger patients . In fact , in China , doctors including a high -risk occupation .

A number of hospitals in Beijing even intends to recruit 1,500 ' guardian angel ' , to keep the doctor of the patient's attacks .

In recent years , a number of individual patients has killed several doctors in China . Reported as part of the frustration , the handling of the health system that they experience .

In the latest case , a 45 -year-old man stabbed his doctor Jiangsu Province and killed because the perpetrators are not satisfied with the operation of circumcision that he experienced . " Actors are not satisfied with the results and the cost of treatment , " according to Chinese media Xinhua reported , as quoted by the Telegraph , 9 April 2014 .
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Doctors and nurses in hospitals are often victims of violence , an average of every two weeks , state media reported . There are patients who are angry because of the long wait required , not accept having to pay expensive fees . Or annoyed with the nurses and doctors who are considered arrogant and indifferent .
To avoid untoward incidents , a number of hospitals are now alerting the special security officer .

Not only that , now promoted the campaign in Beijing , to recruit volunteers from students , medical staff , and other patients to act as a protector - between doctors and patients , to relieve tension and mediate the debate .

" The patients will better understand after talking with the doctor volunteers , " said Feng Guosheng , head of the Beijing Administration . He added that the ' guardian angel ' would furnish " the guidance of the hospital " and " psychological intervention " .

He added that 21 hospitals have begun training and will assign volunteers to handle patients . In contrast , the RS will also listen to the volunteers about the systemic problems that they face .

Han Meng , one of the representatives of the project , said the presence of volunteers will enable doctors and nurses to focus on their work without fear .

Meanwhile , the government has promised to root out corruption in the health system . The Department of Health will also make the patient bribing doctor for better treatment , as the target of their operation .

In 2012 , the medical journal Lancet writes that " China's doctors are in a state of crisis " . A medical student in China , Li Jie wrote a letter to the journal and said , " deteriorating relationship between doctors and patients has changed medical practice in China is becoming a high -risk occupation . "


Selasa, 08 April 2014

4,000 Members Suspected Militants Arrested in Kenya

Kenyan security forces on Tuesday ( 04/08/2014 ) , captures thousands of Somalis and Kenyan and put them in a football stadium . Thousands of people were arrested in an operation to eradicate militant group in the country .
The operation , which is referred to by local media involved 6,000 police officers and elite troops GSU , starting on Friday ( 04/04/2014 ) and is focused in the area of ​​Eastleigh , the majority of the population are citizens of Somali descent in the Kenyan capital , Nairobi .

The operation followed a series of attacks in Kenya by suspected militants and sympathizers a group of Al -Shabaab , Somalia .
Those arrested will undergo identity checks . For tests that thousands of suspects ditaan in police detention cells and in a football stadium in the district of Kasarani , Nairobi .

" We hold at least 4,000 people in this operation , " said Interior Minister of Kenya , Joseph Ole Lenku through the ministry 's official Twitter account .
" In recent months we tightened security . Time has come to enforce the rules , " added Lenku .

A police source said as many as 1,600 people were arrested since Friday last week it was released . However , this can not be ascertained so far as the number of people who are still being held in the stadium .

The UN refugee agency ( UNHCR ) expressed concern over the wave of arrests made during the last weekend in Nairobi . UNHCR also asked the government to provide access for the organization to look at those who still ditiahan .

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" UNHCR requested access to monitor refugees and asylum seekers who were detained . 's Access will allow UNHCR to identify refugees , asylum seekers and other persons should not be detained , " the UNHCR said in a statement .

UNHCR further understand the security measures taken by the government of Kenya , however, UNHCR also urged the government to fulfill the rights of suspects and treat them humanely .